How do you make an international turbot hatchery become a reality?

Despite the site being on the other side of the world, the Design, Engineering, and Technology Services team at Malta-based HatcheryMatch project partner AquaBioTech Group have been busy drawing up designs for a brand new facility for partners based in China. AquaBioTech Group’s engineers have incorporated real-world measurements provided by Chinese researchers, and with the assistance of state of the art 3D modelling software, they have successfully created at-scale blueprints of the planned recirculating hatchery system. This hatchery will go above and beyond by housing young turbot and also serving as the testing facility for the four key innovations developed by the HatcheryMatch project. These innovations consist of an ultrasound disinfection device, a bottom cleaning device, and automatic live feed delivery system, and an embryonic image analyser. The design process is just one of many exciting steps closer to completing the onsite construction, and our partners can’t wait to welcome in a new generation of turbot!

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Project HatcheryMatch funded by the Malta Council for Science and Technology through the Sino-Malta Fund 2020 (Science and Technology Cooperation). An Automated Marine Fish Hatchery with Innovated Water Recirculation Technologies (HatcheryMatch, Grant No.  2020YFE0108700, also funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, China.

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