Congratulations to HatcheryMatch Partner Qingdao Blue Granary Ltd.

HatcheryMatch would like to congratulate project partner Qingdao Blue Granary Ocean Fishery Development Co. Ltd. on the recent acquisition of a research support facility in Qingdao Provence, China!

At the new site, Blue Granary will develop a recirculating hatchery system for integrated prototype testing of the four key innovations developed by the HatcheryMatch project: an ultrasound disinfection device, an automated bottom cleaning device, an automated live feed system, and an embryonic image analyzer. This facility will allow both China and Malta-based researchers to determine the efficacy of these innovations when working together in one system on a large scale. We can’t wait for the results!

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Project HatcheryMatch funded by the Malta Council for Science and Technology through the Sino-Malta Fund 2020 (Science and Technology Cooperation). An Automated Marine Fish Hatchery with Innovated Water Recirculation Technologies (HatcheryMatch, Grant No.  2020YFE0108700, also funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, China.

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